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Cornet Bay Cottage


Cornet Bay Cottage is located on the north end of Whidbey Island, WA in a small wonderful community named Cornet Bay, just around the corner form Deception Pass bridge and a mile from Washingtons well known Deception Pass State Park

However, it wasn’t always a cottage.

When first built, its size was only 24-foot by 28-foot with two small bedrooms, a bathroom, living room, kitchen, a sunroom on the front of the house and a large porch on the back.

The house was built in 1935 by a local resident named Bill Lang, known to the local kids as, Uncle Bill. Along with being a builder he was also a commercial fisherman and lived across the road by the water’s edge in the house he was born in.

The little house was later sold to Earnest and Effie Deckwa, who turned its surrounding acreage into a commercial raspberry, boysenberry, loganberry, and domestic blackberry farm.

Years later, their grandson gave the little house a new look with an addition of three bedrooms, bath and a half, laundry room, new kitchen and living room, a 620 square foot garage, which is now a game room, and a 628 square foot deck.

Though the berry farm no longer exists, today’s visitors can walk the many miles of Cornet Bay’s beach and walking trails, visit its Deception Pass Marina, bridge and state park, or simply relax on the deck and watch the boats head out for their day on the water.

Cornet Bay is filled with much history and holds many, many stories.